Sunday, 12 October 2014


Last time we were into this topic I paused and promised to continue… If you are just visiting, you could link back to the former part WHO YOU ARE and continue here later.

I could go on and on and not finish on the different settings we have fine tuned for ourselves. Trust me honey, there is a lot of configuration we have got going for ourselves. Yes. You know the setting you are operating on. You say it’s going just fine and well for me this way, but is it really? Every now and then, you cry, you hurt, you are pained, and you ask how to keep up, how much longer. I also want you to know that being in the right settings would bring out the desired effect God has planned for you. It sounds cliché but you could try it. You keep saying, “God when? God I pray to you. God I come to church every Sunday. God at least I believe you. So what is the problem here? My dear just go back to the right settings he has configured for you. The proverbs 31 woman settings. That is it; you can never go wrong being in that configuration. So my p31 women, we have come to the glamorous end of “who you are” chapter 1. Lol! I’m not done with you yet, we still have more to improve on and learn. Stay with from the ride here on. God bless you.

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Elliot said... didn't give examples like you did the last time, i might get off this taxi ya know