Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Life Diary ~ Waiting for the Bus.

Have you ever been at a bus stop waiting for the perfect bus? Literally! I’m not trying to go all shrinky and therapeutic on you. For real. I know I have.
I would wait and a bus would come by and I’ll be like:
Nah; I don’t like the faces in the bus OR
Nah; I won’t be comfortable…
Nah; It’s too rugged…
Nah; The music is too loud… Nah; It cost too much
I could go on and on.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Hi guys! This post is actually overdue because I've been struggling seriously with a comeback post after going away for way too long. Thank God I finally put hand to keyboard 😉. If you noticed the date of my previous post it’s been almost a year since I last blogged, I know it’s really bad. But life happened. I had to just let the blog go for a while (it was hard for me but it was the best decision for that time) to work on some major aspects of life.

Friday, 31 July 2015

MOOTD: My outfit of the day!

 I wore a mini polka dot navy polyester top cos' it was really hot today and bell bottom denim pants with my fedora hat (my sister's actually. LOL), bright teal loafers and a neon pink handbag. I hope i rocked it well, you can try it too.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Trendy Tuesdays: Nudes

Hey people, excited to show you how I pulled this trend off. Nudes are big and so in right now. Folks would say “Nude is the new black” and I totally agree. The all nude outfit is a bit dicey and tricky to pull off. So I’ll give you a little insight on how I did it and how others did same.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Enjoying Your Everday Life

The wise king Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 5: 18, 19:
"Behold, what i have seen to be good and fitting is for one to eat and drink, and to find enjoyment in all the labor in which he labors under the sun all the days which God gives him_for his [allotted] part. Also, every man to whom God has given riches and possessions, and the power to enjoy them and to accept his appointed lot and to rejoice in his toil_this is the gift of God [to him]."

What Solomon is basically communicating here is: enjoy your life. Take your appointed lot in life and enjoy it. In other words embrace the life - the personality, the strengths , the weakness, the family, the resources, the opportunities, the physical qualities, the abilities, the gifts and the uniqueness - God has given you.

Culled from the "The secret to true happiness" - Joyce Meyer.

Photo of the day

CELEBRATING THE P31 WOMAN; Funmi Shittu: The Virtuous Woman

“I desire a God-fearing man with the wisdom of TD Jakes, the body of Will Smith and the swag of Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard). I want a man with loads of money to throw around. He doesn’t have to be as rich as Steve Jobs, or live in a gigantic house, but he should at least own a penthouse. He doesn’t have to own a private jet, but he should be able to purchase a first-class ticket whenever I need to travel.” Is that too much to ask for?
“Hold on! ‘I need! I need! I need!’” What are you bringing on board? You can try for a million years, but a porous basket will never work as a vessel to hold water. Here’s another way to look at it: what use would it be to pour water into a basket? I mean, it’s okay to want all of these things in a partner (the “water”) but if you are not able to contain it (like the “basket”), you will only become a liability to the source.
Every rich man out there is probably seeking and searching for the heart of a queen. The word “queen” here isn’t necessarily referring to someone of nobility by title. Rather, it means that there must be something unique and special about you that stands you out. There is more to being a woman. A virtuous woman brings out the king in her husband.
When a King and a Queen come together, such combinations don’t simply make babies: they create a kingdom. They don’t just raise children, either – instead, they raise a nation! A wise King understands the symbolic meaning of a crown. The woman herself is the crown. She is a wife of noble character and her husband’s crown. In other words, a crown cannot exist without a King and likewise, a King needs the CROWN in order to lead as a King. A virtuous woman is not actually looking for an extraordinary man! Instead, she turns an ordinary man into an extraordinary man!
One question you must ask yourself is this:
“Am I going to be an asset or a liability to my spouse? Will I be a woman with a purpose?”
The term “purpose” here refers to that which God intends for every woman to be “The Virtuous Woman.” The virtuous woman is not a myth, nor does it happen overnight. Instead, it is attainable and stems from a woman who walks in her purpose.
I am writing specifically about ‘The Virtuous Woman’, “A role model to be emulated by this generation and set aside to be a helper to her spouse. Nevertheless, I believe it is the duty of the man to provide for his household.
A virtuous woman is a woman of excellence. It’s funny because a lot of people want what she has, yet very few people can actually do what she does daily.
Such a woman is often behind an extraordinary man! She is an investor and not just a wife but she is loaded to the core! Basically, she is financially stable and she is called blessed by her children.
Now, that is a blessing. You don’t demand it, but you earn it!
She brings value to the table. This woman is a hustler, in every sense of the word – a true businesswoman! Her hands are blessed, and always looking for ways to be a blessing to her household.
She’s not just somewhere thinking and looking at herself in the mirror with her beautiful body and hair saying to herself, “I am HOT – in fact, too hot. And if any man wants me, he must be this and must be that….”
If, as a woman, you are seeking the heart of a king, then remember to be a Queen.
Believe that God has made you a success to the man that marries you. Trust that whatever you touch will turn to gold. You are the favour to the man that marries you! A virtuous woman is not just a role model with millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – she is also raising a nation and building a respected legacy in the process.
Get busy in your purpose, remain driven, and build yourself as a woman. If you need to get a degree, it’s never too late. Whether you are a single mother or even a teenage mother, the call to be virtuous is the same. If you need to start a business, then start it now! No matter how small your capital is or whether you must first invest in your own talent, do not delay – just get started!
Empower yourself, becoming an asset to your spouse – not a liability.
Live your purpose and pursue becoming the woman you are called to be!